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Vertical Air Operated Bagger.


New Model VHS-98 (for vertical, high speed) bagger is improved to accept zippered bags, pouches and standard wicketed P.E. Bags. The VHS-98 is available in three sizes for loading bags up to 20" wide and adjustable in height to accommodate bag lengths up to 36". Constructed of stainless steel, VHS-98 operates pneumatically @ 4 P.S.I and with low voltage circuitry, can interface with existing feeding devices or can be supplied by TeleSonic with suitable counters, auger or volumetric fillers, pumps for liquids and viscous products and net weighters. VHS-98's are currently in use packaging dinner rolls, chocolate chips, coffee, liquid soap, automotive parts. TeleSonic offers heat sealers, twist tie and clip machines, which will integrate in a system to maintain continuity with one operator.

Model: VHS-98

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