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TeleSonic High Speed Cartoner

Cartoner Machine-1.jpg

TeleSonic High Speed Cartoner

Designed to automatically insert product into folding cartons.

Available for horizontal and vertical filling at up to 120 cpm.

PLC control, color touch screen, All servo motor controls, continuous motion, variable speed, auto loading products in line with smart conveyor infeed. Photo registration control, (no product no box), tool free change over product sizes. Safety door enclosure and auto over-load protection.

Cartoner system includes close and glue seal the box with Nordson Gluer. Can be combined with Telesonic Case Erector.


Code Dater. Models available for continuous motion up to 250 cpm for vertical and horizontal feed of product.


  • Box Size Range: Min: 2” X 1” X 4”, Max: 8” X 4” X 10”.

  • Speed: Up to 120 cpm.

  • Power: 220 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz.

  • Air: 80 psi. 0.5 ~ 0.8 mpa.

  • Weight: 3,300 lb.

  • Dimensions: Main machine: 152” X 70” X 85”.

  • Conveyor: 86” X 38” X 64”.

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