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Single Service Cup Machine

Inspired by the ubiquitous use of single-service coffee brewers, Telesonic PAK, LLC, has introduced a new coffee packaging machine capable of producing single-serve coffee pods. This economical system is designed to create the capsules used in millions of homes and businesses for Keurig and single-cup coffee brewers.

Telesonic model: TKC-50 has a 60 per minute capability. Higher-speed machines are also available; however, Telesonic has designed this machine for the niche market of coffee roasters fulfilling needs of regional markets.

Model: TRK-50 Automatic Rotary Cup Fill/Seal Machine
Designed to automatically package free flowing ground coffee and tea products,
with pre-made filter cups.

Intermittent motion cup filling & sealing, complete with OMRON PLC Control,
color touch screen, servo driven auger filler, auto cup denester, no cup no fill,
adjustable volume in grams, lid from roll stock. Auto rejection of defective cups.
Transparent product hopper with high/low sensor, static eliminator, self-
diagnostics, printed film registration control, safety switches, solid state
temperature control. Auto pick/place of sealed cups to take a way discharge tray.

  •  Stainless steel construction & corrosion resistant material.
  •  Cup Size: Regular filter cup. Up to 12 grams/cup.
  •  Speed: Up to 50 cups per minute.
  •  Power: 220 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz.
  •  Air: 0.65 m3/min. 0.6 MPa.
  •  Weight: 1,780 lb.
  •  Dimensions: 1,745 mm (L) X 1150 mm (W) X 2,850 mm (H)
  •  Vacuum Lifter.
  •  Nitrogen gas flush.
  •  Discharge & counting conveyors.
TELESONIC Automatic inline system available for pre made and vacuum formed cup and trays with roll stock lidding and over cappers.
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