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Model: TPM-800-4L
4 Lane Pouch Packe


Designed to automatically puckage ftee flowing granular&liquid food and chemical products, etc


Intermittent motion bag fornming,

SIEMENS PLC control&color touch sereen,

double servo driven

sefery doors

self-dliagnostics error on screen,

instantaneous fold-shutting/stopping capabilities

SİCK photo registration control

OM RON PID temperature controllers.

Stainless steel construction and
tool free change over parts

Available from 4 lane up to 8 lane


All hoat scal-able luminations, coated and filter puper, Nylon mesh fllter, etc



POUCH SIZE  2"-31/2(W), 3"-7"(L)

Speed          up to 50 cpm

Power    220 volt, 3 phase,60 HZ, 4.5 Kw

Air    80 PSI, 0.6-0.8 mpa

WEIGHT   2,800 LB

Dimentions67"(L) X 70" (W) X 98"(H)


" Various Fill Systems with Auger, Volumetric
& Rotary dise, Suitable piston pumps

"Combination scales on platform, catwalk & ladder
*Date coder, Ink-Jet digital printer
Tear notch, Nitrogen gas flush.
Dischauge & counting conveyors.
* Individual check weigher

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