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Quick & accurate weighing combination achieved on the basis of the up-to-date PC & PLC technology.

The latest load cell & digital signal process technology offers the optimum weighing accuracy.

Unique calibration performance.

Fully sealed & sanitary design, using full stainless steel construction.

Adjustable gate meets requirement of diversified products

Shared drive mechanism for both weighing hopper & surge hopper, ensuring reliable system

Powerful auto statistics with data indication such as total acceptable rate, bag error signal,etc.

Options: Diamond plate buckets, check weigher, V/F/F/S machine

12" Color touch screen PC


Weight Range:10-1000g;


Max Weighing Capacity: 3000g;


Bucket Accuracy: 0.2-0.5g;


Max Speed:120 ppm;


Hopper Volume: 1300 ml



Weight: 800 lb

Power:  220V/1HP/50Hz, 1.5Kw

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