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Model: TP-80A

Stick Pouch Machine



Designed to automatically packaging free flowing food & chemical products, etc.

Intermittent motion bag forming, OMRON PLC control, color touch screen, servo driven auger filler, pneumatic bag pulling system, self-diagnostic, safety switches, stainless steel construction, product hopper & agitator, high/low limit switch.

Printed film registration control, tear notch. Pouch style: Fin seal or lap seal.

Optional: Hot leaf or digital printer.


Pouch Size: 0.7"~​3" (W), 1"-6"(L)

Speed: Up to 50ppm

Materials: All heat seal-able laminations.

Power: 220 V, single phase, 60Hz

Weight: 620lb

Dimension: 45"(L) × 40"(W) × 85"(H)

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