• Packaging Materials: All heat seal-able laminations, coated and filter paper, Nylon mesh, etc.

  • Pouch Size: 3"-5 1/2" (W), 4"-11 1/2" (L)

  • Packing Speed: Up to 60ppm

  • Power: 220V, Single Phase, 60Hz, 4.5Kw

  • Air Consumptions: 0.6 MPa

  • Weight: 1400 lb

  • Dimensions: 61" X 45" X 74"

Automatic Stand Up Quad Seal Machine

Designed to automatically package free flowing food and chemical products, etc. Intermittent motion bag forming, complete with PLC control, color touch screen, double servo driven systems, self-diagnostics, interlocked safety switches, auto film tracking device, film gusset device, nitrogen gas flush, printed film registration control, hot leaf printer, solid state temperature control.

Optional: Hot leaf printer and Markem digital printer.

Model: VQF-430

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