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Automatic Tube Filler & Sealer


SIEMENS PLC Control, variable speed converter, color touch screen operation systems. Quality & precision tube filling & sealing of plastic, metal plastic laminate & aluminum laminate tubes with the output up to 60 tubes per minute.

Automatic tube loading, washing, positioning filling, sealing & hot stamping. Tube positioning is controlled by sensor with temperature control & cooling system. No tube, no fill-alarm. Metal tube filler sealed in the form of two edge, triple edge or U-shaped fold.

Tool-less adjustment & cleaning. Safety, production & overload protection.

Stainless steel construction, all parts are 316L S.S. to meet cGMP standard.


  • Power: 220V/3PH/60Hz, 3kw
  • Weight: 2200 lb
  • Dimensions: 103" X 41" X 78"

Model: TTF-40

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