• Packaging Materials: ​All heat seal-able laminations, coated and filter (tea bag) paper, Nylon mesh filter, etc. 

  • Pouch Type: Stand Up Pouch with Zipper, three or four sided seals.

  • Pouch size: up to 4"(W) X 7"(L)

  • Speed: Up to 120 bags/min.

  • Power: 220V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 15.5 Kw.

  • Weight: 6800 lbs.

  • Air:  6 kg/c㎡

  • Dimensions: 181" (L) X 44" (W) X 59" (H)

Automatic Horizontal F/F/S Packaging Machine w/ Stand Up Pouch & Zipper

Designed to automatically package free flowing food, chemical products & liquids, pastes, etc.


Intermittent motion bag forming, complete with PLC control, color touch screen, servo driven, dual auger fillers/agitators, product hoppers, dust free vacuum device, printed film registration control, solid state temperature controls, tear notch, hole punch, code dater.


Multi head weigher, volumetric feeder, auger filler and liquid pump, vibratory feeder. Hot leaf printer and Markem digital printer.

Model: SPM-240

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