Model: SL-5228

Double Side Labeler

Automatic double side labeler is applicable to square, flat and round bottles in double mark or single mark. Adjustable inclined belt and labeling heads, double press rollers, provide quick change orientation to fit any shape bottles. Siemens PLC. Servo motors, high quality sensors, color touch screen. All stainless Steel construction.


  • Specifications:
  • Labeling Speed: 95 ft/min
  • Labeling Accuracy: 1mm
  • Label Max Width: 8.5½
  • Bottle Size: 4½ (W) X 18½ (H)
  • Label Core Diameter: 3½
  • Label Outer Diameter: 14½
  • Power: 220V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 3Kw
  • Dimensions: 120½ X 48½ X 65½

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