Hand Impulse Sealer.


This plastic sealer PFS300 is the perfect sealer for PE and PP bags to package various kinds of candy, food item, general merchandise, stationary, drugs, etc.




  • Model                                   PFS-200                    PFS-300
  • Impulse Power                      300W                         400W
  • Max Seal Length                   200mm                       300mm
  • Heat Time                             0.2~1.5 sec.               0.2~1.5 sec.​
  • Sealing Width                        2mm                         2mm, 3mm
  • Weight                                  2.7kg                         4.5kg
  • Dimensions                           8 X 32 X 15 (cm)         8.5 X 45 X 18 (cm)

Model: PFS-300