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Model: MLP-4

4-Lane Liquid Pouch Packer


Designed to automatically package liquid products.


Intermittent motion bag forming, complete with PLC control, color touch screen, servo driven, piston pumps and product hopper, fiber optic photo sensor, printed film registration control, self-diagnostic & PID temperature control.


  • All heat seal-able lamination, coextrusions, coated, etc.

  • ​Pouch size:   1.38"(W),  up to 6"(L) Fin Seal

  • Speed:          Up to 160 ppm (4 lane)

  • Power:          220V, 3 phase, 60Hz, 3.5Kw

  • Weight:         3000 LB

  • Dimensions:  64"(L) × 52” (W) × 96“(H)

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