HST-PT 21 

This machine produces a double-chamber bag with string and tag. This machine is available as manual packing machine, also with single row cartoning device up to 25 tea bags with multi-row cartoning device for boxes up to 100 tea bags.

Special Features

  • State of the Art

  • Low machine price

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Low spare part costs

  • Very low Energy consumption, less than 1 kW/h

  • Easy to operate

  • Mechanical driven machine therefore long life cycle

  • Easy to maintain

  • Hard Tag

  • Knotted bags

  • Compact size

  • High Flexibility

  • Technical service back-up system


Bag Sizes:                                       1.73" x 2.51"

Tag size:                                          1.1"x 1.25

Speed (bags/min):                         175 max.

Power connection (kW):                4.75

Energy consumption (kWh):         0.650

Dimensions:                            100" x 35" x 76"

Weight (lbs):                                     1984

Compressed Air (bar):                  4-6


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