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Fully Automatic Candy Packer


Fully automatic candy packer, for pillow pack of rectangle, square and various shapes of candies is an integrated system with high capacity counter rotating bowl feeder, Complete with stainless steel construction , PLC controller, inverter speed control, solid state temperature controls and vibratory product feeder.

Model: FW-500


  • Speed: Up to 600 ppm
  • Candy Size: 3/8½-2½ (L), 3/8½-1 1/4½ (W), 1/8½-1½ (H)
  • Package Length: 1 7/8½-3 3/4½
  • Power: 220V, Single Phase, 60 Hz, 3.7Kw
  • Weight: 1440 lb
  • Dimensions: 154½ (L) X 43½ (W) X 65½(H)
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