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Model: FW-200

Automatic H/F/F/S Flow Wrapper


Designed for automatic flow wrapping of solid products. It is also suitable for shrink packaging applications. Features continuous motion bag forming, complete with touch screen color PLC control, micro processor control of bag length, photo registration control, and servo motor driven discharge conveyor. Stainless Steel constructed. Optional Markem printer available. Packaging materials are all heat seal-able laminations, coextrusions, oriented PP., shrink films.


  • FW-200: 3"~6.50" (L); 1.25" ~ 3" (W); 0.25" ~ 1.50" (H).
  • Speed: Up to 200 bags per minute.
  • Power: 220V; single phase; 50Hz; 3.20KW.
  • Dimensions:
  • FW-200: 157" (L) X 37" (W) X 58" (H). WEIGHT: 900 lbs.


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