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Model: DS-18

Product Summary

Inclined DS– 18 Drop Sealer.




Gravity fed on an incline, the product is controlled by adjustable side guides positioned on the infeed section and on the discharge side. Length is controlled by an adjustable stop gate. Product hits the stop gate and actuates a cycling switch. The air-operated sealing jaw descends affecting the seal. Impulse circuit then activates trim wire to separate remaining end of bag. A mechanically assisted "positive scrap stripper," in addition to the standard air-jet scrap blow-away system assures complete scrap removal efficiency. Jaw ascends to "up" position, ready for next cycle. Machine can seal up to 40 packages per minute.




Manufactured with all solid-state circuitry, the DS-18 is virtually maintenance-free. A ceramic-coated sealing bar insulates the circuit, thus preventing short-outs. Angle of incline is adjustable vertically to position seal at one-half the height of the product. All sealers are equipped with a hood and electric interlock as a safety feature.

Type of Seal:

Hot jaw seal with impulse element for trim (simple knob adjustment provides for straight impulse sealing if required) temperature controller maintains the sealing bar at the desired temperature regardless of voltage or environmental fluctuations. Impulse element bisects weld. All units equipped with accurate control of temperature, pressure and dwell time to insure optimum results.

Optional Attachments:

Available with flying knife cut-off for laminated pouch sealing, air operated spankers to compress fluffy or bulky items, vacuum pump for vacuum and gas-flush packaging. Models available up to 36" wide.

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