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Auger Can Filling Machine with Star Wheel


Designed to automatically or semi-automatically package free flowing product. Stainless steel constructed, complete with automatic container feeding, filling, weighing with feed-back and auto reject. Also includes color touch screen PLC control, servo motor driven, dust collector, no-can-no-fill capability, adjustable star wheel and conveyor, self diagnostic display, and safety switches. Available with full enclosures and also offered as options are a screw conveyor or vacuum lifter for product feeding.

Model: DCS-2B-2


  • Container Size: 1" - 6" (DIA.), 2"- 10" (H)

  • Filling Weight: 10-5000g

  • Filling Accuracy: 1%

  • Speed: 20-50 cans/min

  • Power: 220V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 2.3Kw

  • Air: 6 kg/cm^2

  • Weight: 350kg

  • Dimensions: 98" (L) X 49" (W) X 90" (H)

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