BW 900

4 Lanes Vertical Packaging Machine


It's suitable to use in automatic packing loose solid material, such as snack food, nuts, popcorn, seed, sugar and salt etc. which shape is roll,slice and granule.



. Stainless steel structure.

. Can combine with 4 outlets multihead weigher.

. High-end motion controller with servo system & touch screen interface, ensure easy operating.

. Servo-drivern for film pulling system.

. Pneumatic end seal system, end seal for pulling film to avoid the belt wearing problem.

. Date printer and film feeding system synchronous working.

. Photo sensor for automatic tracking eye marks.




Model:                               BW-900

Film width:                        20"-35"

Bag width (single):            2-4

Bag length:                       2"-10"

Speed:Max.                      240bpm

Power supply:                  380V, 50/60HZ, 6.3KW

Air requests:                     0.6MPa

Outer dimension:            70" x 63" x 62"

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